Sweet Summer Sale!

10% discount on all in stock Sweet amps until August 31 2018!

Sweet amps are already priced way under boutique prices so take advantage of this limited time extra discount. Stop by Chicago Fret Works for a test drive. Call or email to set up an appointment if you want to bring your pedal board and we’ll set you up in the amp room and let you crank it up and do your thing.  Hear how a hand-wired amp can complete your tone! If you love what you hear but want a different color, speaker or features; many custom options are available.

PreBS 20+(20W-35W) Cherry cab – Normally $1999                                                       NOW $1799

PreBS 15+(15W-30W) Navy/Carolina Blue Stripe 15″ Weber                      Normally-$1799   NOW $1619

PreBS 15(15W-18W) Black/Silver Stripe 12″ Eminence – Normally  $1550             NOW- $1395  SOLD!

PreBS T5(5W) Black/Red stripe 6″ Weber -Normally- $799                                         NOW- $719



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