Customer Feedback

I just had to share this review from Sweet PreBS T12+ owner, Jesse Johnson, who’s band Dream Jacket just released a new EP. The T12+ is featured in the left side throughout and gets a spotlight in the entrance to the track Non-Holo Rare. This is what it’s all about! Having a custom build live up to or exceed expectations is the whole reason we do this!  The amp featured an oversized cab, fawn Tolex, and custom trannies from Mercury Magnetics and can be used with 6V6GT or 6L6GC power tubes.

“Love the Deluxe(T12+) so much and it sounds killer with absolutely every guitar, the best edge of breakup and explosive amp breakup I’ve ever heard! It’s so perfect to have tweed tone with modern usability and reliability, I couldn’t be happier and will use it forever.”

Check out Dream Jacket’s new EP, Sad Sack Starter Pack on Bandcamp, Spotify, etc.

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