I recommend these sites for quality products, musicians and artists who deserve a look or listen.

——————————————————————————————————– Lots of Sweet repair and new build pics! – Don’t buy JJ tubes anywhere else! Their testing and matching is second to none and they have exclusive “DM-double mica” versions of the 6V6S and 6L6GC that reduce rattles and extend tube life. -Speakers -Speakers/Amp Parts -Speakers -Transformers  The best and they have or can make any variation imaginable! -Amp/Guitar Parts/Speakers I especially like their BV “British Voiced” speakers.

Musicians Chicago Blues. Blues, Jazz, Rock, and Soul. Blues, R&B, Soul, Jazz.  -video featuring Nick Moss with his Sweet PreBS T35 at Fitzgeralds, Berwyn IL,  June 2017 -video featuring Jeff Calvin playing a Sweet PreBS 45T that I built for him. -Great Singer Songwriter/70′s soft rock/ indy pop band featuring Pat Sansone and John Stirrat of Wilco. Pat uses a custom built PreBS 20+ live and in the studio.

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