*** Due to the situation in Ukraine, new tarrifs, and the supply issue, all Russian tubes have increased in price! So there will be an upcharge if you request ANY Russian made tubes. This includes Sovtek, Electro-Harmonix, Tung-Sol, Svetlana, Gold Lion, Mullard, etc.  Please ask for a quote when ordering any custom built amp.

* Selected, tested, and matched JJ tubes come standard along with one Tung-sol 12AX7 in the V1 position.


All Sweet amps come STANDARD with choice of tolex color or tweed, premium selected and matched JJ tubes, Sprague Orange Drop or Mallory coupling caps, Sprague, JJ, and or F&T electrolytics, Mojotone/Heybor transformers(made in USA), and Eminence, Jensen, or Mojotone ceramic speakers.

* Tweed style amps come with over-sized chassis mounting bolts that will not sink into the soft pine cabinet, a screw to keep the rear panel tight against the chassis to prevent the classic “gap” which keeps dirt(and spillage) out, and  shielding inside the rear panel for today’s noisier cel phone/EMI environment.

+ models feature custom Mercury Magnetics transformers for 6V6GT, 5881, and or 6L6GC power tube compatibility for versatility, transparancy, increased output and headroom.

*Please call or email for special request features and pricing. The answer is        usually, YES, I can do that!

Build time generally varies between 5-10 weeks depending on model, parts availability, and workload. Contact us for current ETA.

A 50% deposit is required for custom orders with the balance due within 10 days of completion. I accept cash, Paypal, Zelle, credit cards (through Square w/3% fee) and personal checks (if I know you!)


PreBS T5(Champ) $850 w/6″ 0r 8″ speaker

As basic as it gets. One pre-amp tube, one power tube, and one rectifier tube. The classic 5Watt 5F1 tweed Champ circuit with a few tweaks to enhance performance like our exclusive 3-way gain/character switch which simultaneously changes various pre-amp and negative feedback components to represent the various and constantly changing circuits of early tweed amps plus a “one louder” position for modern over the top overdrive tones, shielding on the rear panel for today’s cel phone environment, and 1/4″ speaker jack and plug to make plugging into another cab easy(do it! you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how this little amp can drive a big cab).  Standard speaker for this model is either the Weber Signature 8F or the Warehouse Guitar Speaker 8GC depending whats in stock and what sounds best with the other components in a particular build. Plenty of great sounding, classic, and just plain fun tones for practice, recording, and moderate volume jams in one little box!

* 8″ ceramic speaker                                                                                                                                * Mercury Magnetics ’59 “Tone Clone” transformers are standard                                              * Tube compliment 1-12AX7, 1-6V6GT, 1-5Y3GT                                                                            * Volume control/Power Switch(clicks off past 1)                                                                              * 3-position Gain Switch                                                                                                                          * 1/4″ speaker jack                                                                                                                                    * Color choices: Tweed/Oxblood, Black/Silver, Brown Western/Cane

Options: * “Inside Voice” built-in bedroom friendly attenuator 5W/.75W    +$75                                     * NOS 5V4G rectifier for tighter response/less mush at high volume +$20                               * Lacquered tweed +$50                                                                                                                         * Custom color Tolex or grillcloth – contact for availability – many other colors                            available at no extra cost.

PreBS T12(Deluxe)   6V6 version $1350                                                                    PreBS T12+ 6L6GC Mercury Magnetic option $1495

The Sweet version of the classic 12W cathode biased 5E3 Tweed Deluxe with progressive power/standby switch and 3-position gain switch. The gain switch makes it a much more versatile amp and tames the hair trigger volume controls. It can keep it tight and bouncy even with high output pickups. Don’t worry, it still gets dirty as Neil Young in the barn with the twist of the switch or volume control!                                                                                Also available with the new “Inside Voice” attenuator switch for bedroom, studio, living room, and happy room mate/wife/mom volumes.

The heart and soul of Neil Young’s electric tones and makes for a great vintage platform for purists or pedal pushers alike. And no, I don’t offer this model with reverb! That defeats the whole tweed-short signal path vibe! Lol!

* 12″ Mojotone BV-25M(greenback type-it just works!)                                                                  * Controls- Volume, Volume Bright, Tone                                                                                          * Gain/NFB Switch-3 position                                                                                                              * Standby Switch-3 position- OFF, Standby, ON                                                                              * Tube Compliment 2-12AX7, 2-6V6GT, 1-5Y3GT                                                                            * 12W Output (6L6 version-25W)

Options: * Color choices: tweed/oxblood, black/silver, brown western/cane                                              * Custom color – other colors available – contact for                                                                           availability                                                                                                                                              * “Inside Voice” attenuator 5W/.75W +$75                                                                                        * Eminence GA-SC59 alnico speaker +$150                                                                                      * NOS 5V4G rectifer for tighter response/more headroom +$75                                                                                                                                       


PreBS 15(Sweet Princeton Reverb)

Head                              $1550                                                                                                        Combo 10″ 0r 12″     $1650

The traditional blackface Princeton Reverb but with a backbone and 12″ speaker option. A slightly stiffer choke filtered power supply for more headroom, custom voicing for less mush, push-pull bright switch on the treble pot, push-pull mid boost on bass pot, negative feedback control, progressive power/standby switch, and an audio taper reverb pot for more gradual adjustment are just a few of the Sweet touches on this familiar but much more verstaile portable combo amp. Unlike the vintage originals, you can actually gig with this 15-18W combo!

* 10″ or 12″ speaker                                                                                                                                  * Full sized Accutronics reverb tank                                                                                                    * Push-pull mid boost on bass control                                                                                                  * Push-pull bright switch on treble control                                                                                        * Negative feedback control                                                                                                                    * Bias modulated vibrato                                                                                                                        * 3-position Power switch, On-Standby-Off

Options: * Bias trim pot-user adjustable +$75                                                                                                    * Class “A” cathode bias switch + $75                                                                                                  * Eminence GA SC64 ceramic speaker +$40                                                                                      * Alnico GA-SC59 speaker + $150                                                                                                        * Color choices: Black/Silver, Brown Western/Cane, Green Levant/Check,                                 Surf Green/Silver Turquoise or Cane                                                                                                * Custom Colors – many choices available- contact for availability                                                * “Inside Voice” attenuator 15W/1W +$75
















PreBS 15+  (6L6GC version) 36W!

Head              $1695                                                                                                                      Combo  12″ $1795                                                                                                                          Combo  15″ $1895

The King of Princetons! Featuring custom transformers from Mercury Magnetics and all of the features of the PreBS 15. The + model can run with 6V6, 5881, or 6L6 power tubes with only a bias adjustment allowing for output power from 15W -36W. Dial in the perfect volume and tone for your gig or recording situation. This is the most popular Sweet model as it covers most any musical style and power requirements. Could be the last amp you ever need!

* All features of PreBS 15 with upgraded Mercury Magnetics transformers for use with           6V6, 5881, and 6L6GC power tubes                                                                                                  * Jensen Falcon 12″ Speaker- Vintage/Modern hybrid that loves to be pushed hard!              * Output 20W-36W depending on power and rectifier tubes used

PreBS 20(Deluxe Reverb)

Head                    $1650                                                                                                                  Combo  12″        $1775                                                                                                                    Combo  2×10″   $1895                                                                                                                  Combo  10+12″ $1925

The classic blackface era Deluxe Reverb with the usual Sweet treatments. Custom voicing for  a bit more headroom and less mush/mud when pushed hard. Comes standard with push-pull bright switch on treble pot and push-pull mid boost on the bass pot. The vibrato circuit now comes standard with Vibroverb bias modulated type for a very 3-dimensional visceral effect. Blackface LDR/opto-coupler is still available by request at no additional cost.  These are especially versatile with the optional 10″ + 12″ baffle option. Mic either or both speakers to dial in the tone for the room or recording situation that you are in. The negative feedback control on the rear panel also comes standard and allows you to dial in just the right amount of breakup and harmonic content.  A very verstaile 20Watt combo for any style of guitar-centric music!

* 12″ Mojotone Anthem or Jensen Falcon speaker                                                                            * Push-pull mid boost on Bass control for Vibrato Reverb channel                                              * Push-pull bright switch on Treble control for Vib/Rev channel                                                  * Accutronics spring reverb tank                                                                                                          * Vibroverb bias modulated vibrato(traditional blackface type LDR also available)                * Bassman/JTM45 voicing in Normal channel(thicker with more gain, bass and mids)

Options: * Optional user adjustable Bias trim pot and test points +$75                                                       * Optional Master volume control +$75                                                                                             * Eminence GA SC64 ceramic speaker +$40                                                                                     * Color choices: black/silver, brown western/cane, green levant/check, surf                                green/silver turquoise                                                                                                                           * Custom colors – many colors available- contact for availability

PreBS 20+(Sweet Deluxe Reverb w/6L6GCs) 38W!

Head                     $1775                                                                                                                  Combo  12″         $1895                                                                                                                Combo   2×10″   $2025                                                                                                                  Combo   10+12″ $2050

The PreBS 20 with all of the standard features plus (+) upgraded Mercury Magnetics transformers to accommodate your choice of power tubes. Use 6V6, 5881, or 6L6GCs for 20- 38Watt output which brings it up to Vibrolux output level in a slightly smaller footprint! Available with a single 12″, 2 x 10″, or 10″+12″ speakers to cover Deluxe Reverb, Vibrolux Reverb, and Pro Reverb tones!

BFF Twenty Head  $1695                                                                                                                        1×12 Combo $1795

BFF Twenty + Head  $1795                                                                                                                          1×12 Combo $1895

A PreBS 20 or 20+ in a PreBS 15 chassis and cab with added features like Master Volume(PPIMV), Voicing Switch on bass pot (select blackface or tweed Bassman/JTM 45 tonestack voicing),  Bias Switch (chose fixed or cathode), and 12″ speaker.  It also has Long Tailed Pair phase inverter as used in the PreBS 20(Deluxe Reverb) and most other Fender amps. This is a superior way to send the signal from the pre-amp to the power amp. Just sounds richer and less fizzy than the Cathodyne or Split-Load style PI circuit(as used in the Princeton Reverb and Tweed Deluxe), adds a bit of gain, and loves to be pushed hard!  Tones range from clear/chimey/spanky to crunchy/edgy/smooth/growling/singing/screaming. It really covers the entire Americana guitar tone territory. If you love the PreBS 20(Deluxe Reverb) but don’t need or use the normal channel and would like a lighter/more portable combo, this is your huckleberry !

* Mercury Magnetics trannies and choke                                                                            * Bass, Mid, Treble controls                                                                                                      * Voicing switch on Bass pot- select Blackface or Tweed tonestack                          * Bright switch on Treble control                                                                                          * Master volume control -PPIMV                                                                                            * Bias Switch- select Fixed(blackface) or Cathode(Tweed, Gibson, Ampeg)


SANSONIC (PreBS 20+ special edition for Pat Sansone of Wilco and                                               The Autumn Defense)  $2150

Original PreBS 20+(Deluxe Reverb) features including:

* Custom Mercury Magnetics transformers for use with 6V6GT or 6L6GC             power tubes.                                                                                                                                * Standard blackface style LDR vibrato                                                                                * Standard Normal channel voicing                                                                                      * “Custom” Vibrato Channel pre-amp voicing                                                                  * “Enhanced” Sag circuitry in power supply                                                                      * Negative Feedback control on rear panel                                                                        * 12″ Celestion G12M(Greenback) + 10″ Eminence Legend 1058  speakers            * Navy Blue Tolex w/aged Silver, Black, White, Blue grillcloth

Pat uses the Normal channel for Wurlitzer and the Reverb/Vibrato channel for guitars. He’s also been using JJ 6V6S power tubes for lower output and more sag/compression as Wilco has been very volume conscious in recent years. Output levels from 18W-38W depending on power and rectifier tubes used. A very versatile Fender Blackface style amp!

PreBS T35(Tweed Pro) 1×15 combo    $1595

PreBS 40(Super Reverb) 4×10 combo    $2195

* Solid Pine Cabinet                                                                                                                    * Mercury Magnetics Transformers                                                                                      * Tweed Bassman/JTM 45 Voiced Normal channel                                                        * ’63 Voiced Reverb                                                                                                                      * Bias Modulated Vibrato

PreBS T45(Tweed Bassman)  $1775

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