Brown Western PreBS 20+

Another PreBS 20+ this time in brown western tolex with cane grillcloth. Features Mercury Magnetics transformers, a custom 1×12″ + 1×10″ baffle loaded with Mojotone and Eminence speakers, mid boost, push/pull bright switch and a custom footswitch for reverb, vibrato and negative feedback boost. Uses 6V6(20W) or 6L6(35W) power tubes for versatile gigging and recording options. The amp that does it all!

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Pat Sansone’s PreBS 20+

The new owner of the latest Sweet amp picked up his new live touring amp last week. Pat Sansone of Wilco and The Autumn Defense is using it on the current tour with The Autumn Defense. It features all Mercury Magnetics transformers, 10″ and 12″ speakers, 6L6/6V6 operation, push-pull bright switch on the volume pot and a neg feedback control on the rear panel. It’s got just the right amount of headroom, touch sensitivity and harmonically rich breakup at higher volumes.  This one is in good hands. Thanks Pat! I will be building more just like this in the near future!

Pat Sansone with yours truely at Chicgo Fret Works. 2/05/14

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PreBS T5

Been wanting to try this so here it is. PreBS T5(champ) with 10″ speaker. This is a louder and fuller sounding T5 with NOS 5V4GA rectifier and negative feedback switch. The switch is like a boost providing rawness and richer harmonics at higher volume.  This gives a singing quality to leads and power chords. Too much fun!

$799 – SOLD 3/29/14

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PreBS 20+H(harmonica)

This latest Sweet build was custom order for Chicago Blues Harpist, Big Bill Hickey. It features an oversized Mercury Magnetics output transformer, pair of 6L6GC power tubes,  custom control panel without a “normal” channel or vibrato ckt. and an added anti-feedback control to help control mic squeels. The custom baffle holds a 12″ Eminence Cannabis Rex and a 10″ Jensen Falcon speaker. Both have hemp cones for a warmer harp friendly tone.


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PreBS 15+

The newest Sweet amp is completed! This PreBS 15+ is  based on the legendary blackfaced Fender Princeton Reverb but has been given the Sweet treatment. It features a 12″ Eminence Legend 1218 speaker, oversized Mercury Magnetics Trannys and can run on either 6V6 or 6L6 power tubes.  Unlike a stock Princeton Reverb, this little combo has a nice amount of headroom, 25W when run with 6L6s and can easily keep up with a drummer for live gigging. A push-pull bright switch on the volume and push-pull mid boost on the bass pot give this extra flexibility and tonal range. A familiar voice for gigging AND recording.

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PreBS T12

This 12W tweed era combo is based on the Deluxe. With a pair of 6V6 power tubes, a 12″ speaker and a touch sensitive cathode biased class “A” design, this is another very popular recording amp. Having good clean tones as well as varying degrees of breakup depending on the volume control setting, this amp just oozes vintage tube compression.  Used extensively live and in the studio by Neil Young as well as by Joe Walsh, Billy Gibbons and Jimmy Page to name a few.

This will be my next build. Pics coming soon!

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PreBS T5

This 5W combo with a single 8″ speaker is based on the tweed Champ, a ’50s era Fender entry level practice amp. It features a single 12ax7, a single 6V6 and a 5Y3 rectifier tube and is a cathode biased class “A” ckt. The only control is a volume pot/power switch. One of the most popular amps ever used for recording, it has a suprisingly good clean tone at lower volumes and will produce varying degrees of distortion, breakup, sustain and fun when cranked. Most famously used on the Eric Clapton classic, Layla as well as by Joe Walsh, Joe Perry and Billy Gibons.

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PreBS T45

This 45W 4×10″ combo is based on the famous 1959 Bassman.  Originally designed for the then new invention, the Fender Precision Bass, it quickly became the amp of choice for countless electric guitar players. This design was also the basis for the  Marshall stack sound of the 60′s. A few famous bassman users are Stevie Ray Vaughan, Buddy Guy and Kim Wilson. With a pair of 6L6 or 5881 output tubes and a very simple and pure signal path, this tweed era combo is still a standard for countless guitar and harmonica players. More than enough power for any gigging situation. Can be voiced specifially for warm overdriven harp tones or for dead serious rock and blues guitar.
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PreBS 40

This 40W combo is based on the popular blackface Super Reverb. Loud and clean with nice crunch and sustain when cranked, it is the workhorse of club and concert stages. The one pictured features a custom baffle with 2×12″  speakers and switchable fixed/cathode bias. Also available as a head only unit.

This amp is available for sale. It now has a pair of Weber 12F150′s with beam blockers. Loud and clear is the idea of ths one!

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PreBS 20+(Deluxe Reverb)

This 20W combo is based on the popular Deluxe Reverb and is one of the best gigging amps for all but the loudest bands. Two 6V6s and a 12″ speaker produce just the right amount of volume and smooth power tube breakup for most club situations. The + model features a bigger output transformer, a pair of 6L6 power tubes and a bias switch. Output is approx 35W with the 6L6s. The one pictured features one 12″ and one 10″ speaker which produce a nice combination of volume, sutain, breakup and chime.  This one was built for Chicago blues guitarist Dan Carelli of Billy Branch and the Sons of Blues.

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