PreBS 15 Traditional Black

Available now! A new PreBS 15  6V6 version with Mercury Magnetics OT and PT as well as push-pull bright and mid boost, negative feedback control, 12″ Jensen Falcon speaker and the usual attention to detail that makes Sweet amps both toneful and reliable!


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PreBS 15+ Head

Just a reminder that most Sweet amps are available in Combo or Head versions! This latest build was for local Tucsonian and studio ace Woody Jackson. He had a head cab from a previous project and we made it work for this project which may see pro studio sessions in LA, NYC, and his own home studio. Hoping for some tracks to share soon!

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PreBS 20+ Green Levant #2

Recently completed PreBS 20+ in Green Tolex with large check Marshall style cloth. A classic look with all the tone you could want! Normal channel has tweed Bassman/JTM 45 voicing, Vibroverb bias modulated vibrato, push-pull mid boost and bright switch in booth channels, user adjustable bias trim pot and test points, PPI master volume, and a 10+12 speaker compliment. The GA-SC64 and G10 Green back are the perfect pair after testing MANY combinations. This is the new PreBS 20+ standard model.  Perfect cleans and overdriven tube tones for any style music where guitar tone will stand out!

From the owner: “I haven’t gotten to use the amp in a band setting yet, but HOLY SHIT, this thing is awesome!  Even my wife and her kids commented that it sounded good, instead of scurrying outside or to a different part of the house.  The normal channel, set as you suggested, and plugged straight in, is probably the best driven tone I’ve ever gotten, and it is super quiet.  I’m also loving the bias vary tremolo for cleans on channel 2, and the reverb knob being usable beyond 2-3.  And I think you’re right, I can’t imagine any speaker combo being better than this. I can’t wait to spend more time with it, and play it with the band, but this is a grand-slam home run (and beautiful, to boot).  I will be selling my reissue DR and VR without hesitation, or even a hint of remorse.”


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2 new PreBS T5s

Two new T5s just completed. Features the Sweet 3-position gain switch, Weber signature 8F speaker, Mercury magnetics PT, 1/4″ speaker plug and jack, Amish made leather handle, NOS Brimar 5V4G rectifier, NOS Telefunken 12AX7, and Eurotubes tested and selected 6V6S-DM power tube. All of the good stuff so there’s no need for upgrades or mods. Vintage and beyond!

$925   SOLD!

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PreBS 20+ Green Levant

The latest PreBS 20+ has a couple of new features to add improved performance and even more versatility. Along with the 2×10 speakers, over-sized transformers from Mercury Magnetics, and bias test points on the rear panel, this one also has Vibroverb style bias-modulated vibrato and Bassman/JTM 45 voicing for the normal channel and a PPIMV on the rear panel for getting dirt/grind/overdrive at reasonable volumes. This amp does both sparkling clean blackface reverb tones as well as crunchy sustained tweed/early Marshall overdrive. Too much fun! Stay tuned for some pro  demos soon!


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PreBS 20+ Blonde/Oxblood 2×10

The first 2×10 PreBS 20+ was just completed for a repeat client in Chicago. Big iron from Mercury Magnetics and a user adjustable bias trim pot and test points on the rear panel allow for use with 6V6,5881, or 6L6GC power tubes. Several popular speakers were tested and chosen to compliment each other. The final combination is one Weber 10A125 and one Jensen Falcon 10. A versatile handwired amp with Deluxe Reverb and Vibrolux Reverb qualities!

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PreBS T12 Black w/Carolina Blue Stripe

A newly completed T12 is available now, not yet spoken for. I built this in a color scheme that I’ve been wanting to see for some time now and with the blue stripe in the grill cloth more prominently displayed. Has all of the good stuff including Mercury Magnetics trannies, 3-way gain switch, Eminence GA-  SC59 alnico speaker, progressive standby/power switch, and new “Inside Voice” attenuator switch. It’s ready to rock in the studio, bedroom, or stage!    Vintage and Beyond!

Available now! $1650

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PreBS T12+ Vox Fawn

A newly completed PreBS-T12+, the classic 5E3 tweed Deluxe with some features for more versatility. This one has custom Mercury Magnetics trannies for use with 6V6 or 6L6 power tubes, bias switch to make whichever tubes you use happy, a 3-way gain switch, and a killer alnico Eminence GA-SC59 speaker. Classic tweed deluxe tones with more versatility than the traditional hair triggered 5E3 circuit. Vintage and beyond!

Turnaround time for custom builds is just 6-8wks! Taking new orders now!


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PreBS T5+ Lacquered Tweed

The 2nd new build from Tucson just shipped out! A PreBS T5+ in traditional lacquered tweed with oxblood grillcloth, BIG trannies from Mercury Magnetics for a 6L6 power tube, and 10″ Celestion G10 Gold speaker! Of course it has the 3-way gain switch and this is the first Sweet to have a “bedroom level” attenuator switch! Go from full power 8W to .8W with the flip of a switch. This amp is LOUD and the built in attenuator really makes it a more domestically friendly amp for the bedroom, studio, living room or wherever you got your rig set up. A solid 5F1 build with tonal options!

No room for the bell cover…


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PreBS 15 Brown Western

The first build in the new Tucson shop is a PreBS 15 to match the owners other two Sweet amps! Brown western tolex with Marshall cane grill cloth, Mercury Magnetics transformers, 10″ Jensen Falcon speaker, push-pull mid boost, and user adjustable bias test points and trim pot on the rear panel. This is one of only two PreBS 15 that I built with a 10 and it turned out killer! I may have to build another just like it for stock!

Pics were before the final speaker selection. See next build for the reappearance of the G10 Gold!


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