Benson 200 Clone

This was an interesting project built for musician, producer, collector, Woody Jackson. The Benson 200 was a collaboration between jazz guitarist Howard Roberts and Ron Benson whos favorite amp was the Gibson GA-50 but he needed reverb and more output so it could be more versatile. The amp that could go from studio sessions to live gigs was used by several “wrecking crew” session players including the ones pictured here owned by Dennis Budimir. Features include a Bandaxall type preamp with cathode biased EL34 output section, bias modulated vibrato, Gibson style reverb circuit and tank, 12″ + 8″ speakers(like GA-50), and a voicing switch which simulated Gibson and Fender voicing. All features and “quirks” were reproduced as closely as possible.


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Customer Feedback

I just had to share this review from Sweet PreBS T12+ owner, Jesse Johnson, who’s band Dream Jacket just released a new EP. The T12+ is featured in the left side throughout and gets a spotlight in the entrance to the track Non-Holo Rare. This is what it’s all about! Having a custom build live up to or exceed expectations is the whole reason we do this!  The amp featured an oversized cab, fawn Tolex, and custom trannies from Mercury Magnetics and can be used with 6V6GT or 6L6GC power tubes.

“Love the Deluxe(T12+) so much and it sounds killer with absolutely every guitar, the best edge of breakup and explosive amp breakup I’ve ever heard! It’s so perfect to have tweed tone with modern usability and reliability, I couldn’t be happier and will use it forever.”

Check out Dream Jacket’s new EP, Sad Sack Starter Pack on Bandcamp, Spotify, etc.

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PreBS T12 Pre-Owned Consignment

A rare pre-owned Sweet PreBS T12 is avaiable for sale here or through Built in June 2022, in near mint condition, used only in studio, and has been checked over, cleaned, bench tested and is ready for a new home! Available for local demo/sale and will ship anywhere in cont. US.

* has newly updated PI circuit for more headroom and better breakup!

* Mercury Magnetic trannies                                                                                                   * 3-Position Gain Switch                                                                                                             * 1W “Inside Voice” Attenuator                                                                                               * Mojotone BV-25M 12″ Speaker


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PreBS 20+ Wine

A custom ordered PreBS 20+ with lots of xtras! Wine Tolex with wheat grillcloth, 12+10 speaker comfig, Mercury Magnetics iron, Bias select switch(cathode/fixed), Bassman voiced normal channel, vibroverb style bias modulated vibrato, midcontrols for both channels, and a Master volume pot for an infinite amount of tone shaping and dialing in for the perfect amount of breakup/headroom! The One to Rule Them All! Catch it in action with Native American artist Scotti Clifford and Spirits Cry.


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BFF Twenty + Carolina Blue

A custom ordered BFF Twenty + dressed for spring in Carolina Blue Tolex with matching Carolina Blue Matrix grillcloth. Large 6L6GC specific trannies from Mercury Magnetics and 12″ Jensen Falcon Speaker give plenty of  power, tone, and headroom. The Bias Select switch, Tonestack Select switch, and Master Volume allow for as much breakup, drive and sustain as you want with the touch sensitivity and sag that feels right to you! This portable 1×12 combo will go from the studio to stage looking as good as it sounds!


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BFF Twenty + Black Tweed

The newest build and first BFF Twenty + was custom ordered with black lacquered tweed and a US made leather handle. This is the 6L6GC version of the BFF Twenty and shares all other features such as: PPIMV(master volume), midrange control, voicing switch(blackface/tweed tonestack select), and bias select switch(fixed/cathode). It is a compact and portable gigging and recording machine with familiar Fender blackface tones and versatile options at the flip or pull of a switch. Goes from clear, bright, and tight to crunch, cry, and sustain to cover all genres of Americana, rock, blues, soul, country, and whatever you can imagine. Vintage Tones for Modern Times!







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New Model! BFF Twenty

The first build and new Sweet model of 2023 is complete! This portable 1×12 powerhouse combo is basically a PreBS 20 in a PreBS 15 chassis and cab. No vibrato in this one but is has a few new features which make it an extremely versatile gigging, recording, and rehearsing tool!                                                           A PPIMV(post phase inverter master volume) has been added along with a push-pull Voicing Switch on the bass pot which changes the tone stack from blackface to tweed bassman/JTM45 specs. The Blackface position has the familiar mid scoop and clarity. The Tweed position adds a bit of gain with an overall thicker tone. A push-pull bright switch on the treble pot adds chime, helps to bring old strings to life, and can be used to fine tune for single coil or humbucking pickups.                                                                                                                  And the most interesting new feature is the Bias Select switch allowing for choosing between fixed bias(like most blackface amps) and Cathode/ “Class A” bias(like many Gibson, Ampeg, Valco etc amps). Fixed bias has the familiar quick and clear blackface attack and headroom while the Cathode position adds smoothness, compression, a bit more gain, and about 30% less power.  These new features allow for the user to instantly mod the amp to their preference without touching a soldering iron or drilling any holes.             And as usual, you can order in any color tolex/tweed/grillcoth combination as well as choose your fave speaker or tube brand. Have it your way with your  Best Friend Forever/Black Face Fender style amp!


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PreBS 15 Traditional Black

Available now! A new PreBS 15  6V6 version with Mercury Magnetics OT and PT as well as push-pull bright and mid boost, negative feedback control, 12″ Jensen Falcon speaker and the usual attention to detail that makes Sweet amps both toneful and reliable!


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PreBS 15+ Head

Just a reminder that most Sweet amps are available in Combo or Head versions! This latest build was for local Tucsonian and studio ace Woody Jackson. He had a head cab from a previous project and we made it work for this project which may see pro studio sessions in LA, NYC, and his own home studio. Hoping for some tracks to share soon!

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PreBS 20+ Green Levant #2

Recently completed PreBS 20+ in Green Tolex with large check Marshall style cloth. A classic look with all the tone you could want! Normal channel has tweed Bassman/JTM 45 voicing, Vibroverb bias modulated vibrato, push-pull mid boost and bright switch in both channels, user adjustable bias trim pot and test points, PPI master volume, and a 10+12″ speaker compliment. The GA-SC64 and G10 Green back are the perfect pair after testing MANY combinations. This is the new PreBS 20+ standard model.  Perfect cleans and overdriven tube tones for any style music where guitar tone will stand out!

From the owner: “I haven’t gotten to use the amp in a band setting yet, but HOLY SHIT, this thing is awesome!  Even my wife and her kids commented that it sounded good, instead of scurrying outside or to a different part of the house.  The normal channel, set as you suggested, and plugged straight in, is probably the best driven tone I’ve ever gotten, and it is super quiet.  I’m also loving the bias vary tremolo for cleans on channel 2, and the reverb knob being usable beyond 2-3.  And I think you’re right, I can’t imagine any speaker combo being better than this. I can’t wait to spend more time with it, and play it with the band, but this is a grand-slam home run (and beautiful, to boot).  I will be selling my reissue DR and VR without hesitation, or even a hint of remorse.”


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