PreBS T5 Tweed

A newly completed custom ordered PreBS T5 with a traditional lacquered tweed covering and oxblood grillcloth! Other standard features include a WGS 8″ speaker, 3-position gain switch, rear panel shielding, and 1/4″ speaker jack for easy connection to an extension cab make this one of the best 5F1 builds available!


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PreBS 15 Rough Blonde w/ Oxblood

Just finished a custom ordered PreBS 15.  Mojotone/Heybor trannies, Deluxe Reverb OT, choke filtering, and Eminence GA-SC64 12″ speaker.  I’ll just let the owners words do the descriptions…

“I ran all of my guitars through it – Telecaster, Riviera, ES-175.  They all KILL through your amp.  At any volume level.  Tone, dynamics, and nearly silent at idle.  Notes just sing and sustain.  Very little in the way of dialing in tone.  Set it and forget it. Clear without icepick.  Warm, textured, dynamic.  Yeah, it kills.  The speaker kills.  In the short time I’ve had it, I’ve already played things that I’ve not played before.  That says it all.” -RY

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PreBS 15+ Carolina Blue

A custom order PreBS 15+ with Carolina blue tolex and cane grillcloth. As always with the + models you can swap 6V6 for 6L6  power tubes for more power and headroom with the upgraded Mercury Magnetics trannies. I definitely prefer 6L6s, especially in a band situation and the GA-SC64 Eminence speaker is the icing on the cake! Simultaneously warm and clear with a distinctive vintage character at low to moderate volumes and glorious with rich harmonics and growl when pushed hard! The push-pull mid boost takes it into early Marshall territory with singing ringing feedback when cranked. Think early Angus Young and how he would let the note ring until it just started to feedback on a single note instead of noodling and shredding a million more notes.  From country to R&B, blues, surf, and classic rock, it’s in there. A Sweet tone machine!


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PreBS T5 Skulls and more Skulls!

Two new PreBS T5 builds completed! Identical electronically except for transformers and speakers. The candy skull T5 has Mercury Magnetics trannies and the output tranny is a tweed ’53 Princeton spec which is slightly oversized and has a noticeable effect on output(one extra watt) and tone(killer). The paisley ghost skull T5 has standard Mojotone/Heybor trannies and both amps have blackface spec power transformers for slightly higher plate voltage, slightly less sag, and a noticeably tighter crunch when cranked! Also, both have the Sweet exclusive 3-way rotary gain switch for a more versatile Champ type build. Vintage and beyond!

Candy Skulls T5 — Sold!     Paisley Skull Ghosts — $865

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PreBS-T5 Black Ghost Paisley

Another custom Sweet build just completed. This 5F1 champ build features Mercury Magnetics transformers, custom velvet grill cloth by artist Jeremiah Witting-Akiona, and of course my exclusive 3-way gain switch for more tonal variety. You’ll get the classic crunch and sag of a 50′s tweed Champ plus a cleaner/smoother setting(great for bouncy neck pickup tones) and an “over the top” setting for even more distortion and sustain. Vintage and beyond!


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PreBS T5 Alligator

Another classic Alligator PreBS T5 with Cane grillcloth. One of my favorite color combinations! This one was ordered with standard 8″ WGS speaker for a traditional tone and has our unique 3-position gain switch for some variations on the classic tone. Vintage and more! Watch for a new PreBS T5 build coming soon. Not yet spoken for!


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JTM 45 Build Purple Head and Cab

This one off/prototype build request was for an offset Marshall JTM 45 style head and 2×12 half stack with a Marshall/blackface Fender hybrid circuit with master volume. The 4 jack  normal/bright inputs was kept but adjusted for less extremes. The Sweetened version has two very usable channels independently or when blended via a jumper cable between inputs. Other customizations include a blackface style phase inverter circuit and full range  negative feedback control instead of the traditional high frequency presence control as well as custom tone stack values for a more full range of adjustment rather than the focused midrangey voice of the original JTM circuit. A PPIV master volume completes the package giving the ability to adjust the gain from clean to crunch and beyond from bedroom to stage volumes. This sexy beast excels equally as a straight in tone machine or modern pedal platform! The control panel is labelled TLA 45 for the owners initials but it is affectionately known as “Grimace”.

This build turned out so good that it will be added to the Sweet product line! Any color is available but I think purple is definitely the coolest!

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PreBS 15+ Natural Cherry

This latest build kept me busy while the Corona pandemic kept the Fret Works/Amp Works  shop closed. It is possibly the best sounding PreBS 15+ to date and is the first to feature a natural had rubbed finished cherry cab. It also has all of the options including Mercury Magnetics trannies for 6V6 or 6L6 power tubes(15-32W), push-pull bright and mid-boost pots, negative feedback pot, and easy access bias pot and test points on the rear panel. All of this handwired sweetness is pushed into a Mojotone BV-30H 12″ speaker for some legit British crunch when cranked! This amp will cover Americana, classic rock, blues, country, soul, surf, and more. Seriously, this amp rocks!

$1895 —SOLD!

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Twenty Something

Something old and something new!

The Twenty Something is a 20W vintage toned pedal platform with unique and effective tone shaping options. It combines the best elements of tweed, brown, and black faced Fender circuits with a bit of vintage British tone via the selectable US/UK pre-amp switch. The US setting is the big warm full range clean until cranked familiar American voice and the UK setting gives it some British bite with tighter bass and a bit more drive. Next is the tone stack which is classic black-faced Fender with the era specific  brown-faced “tapped” treble pot which also functions as a tone pot when set lower than 12 O’clock. This allows for rolling off highs which can be usefull for jazz players or whenever a mellow and smooth tone is desired. A push-pull mid-boost on the bass pot can really push the power tubes into overdrive and the “harmonics” pot which is the familiar negative feedback control renamed and easy to access on the front panel fine tunes the edge and breakup point.  Last but not least, the “rectifier switch” allows you to select between  tube or solid state rectifiers to adjust the tightness/sag/touch sensitivity that fits your style. And all of this pure vintage tone is pushed to perfection through the 12″ Eminence GA-SC64 speaker! Many other speaker options are available if you have a specific preference for your Sweet amp.

This unique, modern, retro looking 20W 6V6 powered combo could be the perfect compliment to your pedal board and also sounds amazing plugged straight in for purists. It can cover blues, jazz, rock, country, funk and anything you can throw at it and the subtle but effective tone shaping switches allow you to “mod” it to your personal taste and style.*

*Grill cloth design(the inspiration for the entire project) by artist

Tube compliment:

1 12Ax7 pre-amp 1-12AT7 phase inverter 1-5Y3 rectifier 2-6V6 power tubes

A 40W 6L6 specific version is also also available!

20W 6V6 version-$1750  40W 6L6 version-$1875

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’63 Vibroverb Re-issue Rebuild

This Fender ’63 re-issue Vibroverb has been through a lot. As if the mass produced circuit board version wasn’t bad enough, someone attempted to gut and handwire a turret board into it. It wasnt the worst I’ve seen but it wasn’t correct for a vibroverb or vibrolux. It was Fenderish but wasn’t reliable or toneful. The owner decided to let me at it! Here is the result! A completely rewired and reworked 6G16 circuit complete with tube rectifier, period correct transformers from Mercury Magnetics, epoxy glass eyelete board, and tapped treble pots which act as tone pots below 5 on the dial rolling off highs for smoother rhythm and jazz tones. A negative feedback pot was installed as the icing on the cake but it may be a bigger part of the meal than expected. In this circuit, negative feedback does a lot and when you disconnect/partially disconnect with a pot or switch, it really opens the response and comes to life! It also has a big effect on vibrato depth which tends to be a bit shallow with bias modulated 6L6s.


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