PreBS T5-6

These two PreBS T5 builds were inspired by a recent repair on Jeff Tweedy’s #1 1957 Fender Champ. They feature 6″ speakers as used in the early 50′s Champs. The smaller speaker gives an earlier breakup and distinctive growling roar which is great for recording and a whole lot of fun for practicing. The laquered tweed model features era correct Mercury Magnetics output transformer and Weber signature alnico speaker while the black with white racing stripe model has a Jensen alnico P-6V speaker and slightly stiffer filtering and a NOS 5V4 rectifier tube for a bit less sag. Both builds feature a 3-position gain switch which connects/disconnects the cathode cap in the pre-amp and the negative feedback from the output transformer to dial in just the right amount of harmonics and distortion.  Sounds like a Marshall stack cranked but at a reasonable volume and much smaller package. Rock on!

$850 each(Black one SOLD)

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Figured Harwood Cabinets

Just teamed up with my dad, who builds beautiful Shaker style furniture, to offer custom solid harwood cabinets as an upgrade to new Sweet builds. Pictured is a figured walnut PreBS 15 cab and a solid cherry PreBS 20 cab. Both finished with a hand rubbed custom oil/varnish mix. Polyurethane sprayed finish is also available if a glossy look is preffered. Baffle configuration and grill cloth style can be custom selected.

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PreBS 15+ w/Racing Stripe

The latest Sweet Build is completed! This unique PreBS 15+ with Purple levant Tolex and Carolina blue racing stripe has upgraded Mercury Magnetics transformers for 6V6 (18W) or 6L6 (30W) power tubes. Also features a 12″ Mojotone BV-30H speaker, push-pull bright and mid boost controls and a negative feedback control on the rear chassis. Another versatile, portable, and giggable Sweet combo!

Available now $1675

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PreBS 15

This custom ordered PreBS 15 was just completed and picked up by its proud new owner. Wine Red aka Buggy Whip Tolex with cane grill cloth, Mercury Magnetis OT, Mojotone BV-30H 12″ speaker, choke filtering and more… Another potent, portable, recording and gigging machine!  SOLD!



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PreBS 20 Black/Cane

The newest Sweet PreBS 20 is available for demo/sale! Features black tolex with cane grill cloth, popular 10+12 baffle, Mercury Magnetics OT, Mojotone BV-30H and Eminence Legend 105 speakers, push-pull bright switch on the treble control and push-pull mid boost on the bass control and negative feedback control on rear panel. Another compact, potent and versatile combo with lush reverb and deep vibrato (tremolo) for all but the loudest gigs. Great blues, country, R&B, Indy, alternative, classic rock, and anything rootsy amp!  SOLD

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PreBS 15

Carolina blue tolex with cane grill cloth make this the perfect spring/summer 1×12 combo for gigs and recording sessions. Another example of good things coming in small packages. Mojotone BV-30H speaker, Mercury Magnetics OT, choke power supply, negative feed back pot, push-pull bright and mid boost pots and the Sweet treatment which assures that you’ll have lots of useable headroom and harmonically rich overdrive when cranked. This 18W combo will out perform ANY vintage Princeton Reverb, clone, or re-issue out there. Not your Daddy’s Princeton….  SOLD


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PreBS 20

Another custom PreBS 20 just completed. This one is covered in brown ostrich with cane grill cloth and has the optional 1×12 + 1×10 baffle. Speakers this time are JBL D120 and Eminence Legend 1058. Additional features are, push-pull bright and mid boost switches along with the ever popular feedback control on the rear panel. The perfect balance of muscle, grit and elegant chime. Equally at home with blues, country, Indy, rock and R&B.                            One extremely versatile gigging and recording combo!   SOLD

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PreBS 20

This latest custom ordered PreBS 20 build has all the extras. Featuring the popular 1×10/1×12 speaker configuration, Mercury Magnetics output tranny, negative feedback pot, push-pull mid boost and bright switches, tilt-back legs and two-tone western tolex, this versatile 20W, 6V6 powered combo can handle most any gigging or recording situation.

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PreBS 45T

Just finished this custom ordered PreBS 45T 4×10 combo. This one features stock Mojotone trannies, Jensen Falcon speakers and a black tolex covered solid pine cabinet. Solid beefy lows with lots of mid definition and clarity was requested and this Bassman inspired combo delivers the goods!   SOLD




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New Sansonic Model

This PreBS 20+ just got a facelift for its owner Pat Sansone of Wilco and The Autumn Defense. The “Sansonic” model is now available for custom orders. 

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