McKoustic 30 combo

Introducing a new Sweet combo for acoustic instruments, the McKoustic 30! Another McKeever collaboration with my dad who built the cab from solid cherrywood and finished with hand rubbed oil/urethane. The sealed and ported cab features¬† full range Eminence 10″ and 3″ drivers for a natural reproduction of your acoustic guitar, mandolin, guitaron, uke, or violin.

The pre-amp has been tuned specifically for acoustic instruments and features a feedback control section with selectable frequency and level control as well as a push-pull bass cut and push-pull bright control.

Tested with a passive K&K equipped boutique guitar as well as a modern Seagull with active Fischman pickup and pre-amp system. This amp will sound like your guitar but louder! Bring your acoustic guitar/instrument for a demo to Chicago Fret Works before the client pickups it up!

* This is also the prototype for a similar all tube bass combo coming soon!


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