PreBS 20+ Green Levant #2

Recently completed PreBS 20+ in Green Tolex with large check Marshall style cloth. A classic look with all the tone you could want! Normal channel has tweed Bassman/JTM 45 voicing, Vibroverb bias modulated vibrato, push-pull mid boost and bright switch in both channels, user adjustable bias trim pot and test points, PPI master volume, and a 10+12″ speaker compliment. The GA-SC64 and G10 Green back are the perfect pair after testing MANY combinations. This is the new PreBS 20+ standard model.  Perfect cleans and overdriven tube tones for any style music where guitar tone will stand out!

From the owner: “I haven’t gotten to use the amp in a band setting yet, but HOLY SHIT, this thing is awesome!  Even my wife and her kids commented that it sounded good, instead of scurrying outside or to a different part of the house.  The normal channel, set as you suggested, and plugged straight in, is probably the best driven tone I’ve ever gotten, and it is super quiet.  I’m also loving the bias vary tremolo for cleans on channel 2, and the reverb knob being usable beyond 2-3.  And I think you’re right, I can’t imagine any speaker combo being better than this. I can’t wait to spend more time with it, and play it with the band, but this is a grand-slam home run (and beautiful, to boot).  I will be selling my reissue DR and VR without hesitation, or even a hint of remorse.”


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