New Model! BFF Twenty

The first build and new Sweet model of 2023 is complete! This portable 1×12 powerhouse combo is basically a PreBS 20 in a PreBS 15 chassis and cab. No vibrato in this one but is has a few new features which make it an extremely versatile gigging, recording, and rehearsing tool!                                                           A PPIMV(post phase inverter master volume) has been added along with a push-pull Voicing Switch on the bass pot which changes the tone stack from blackface to tweed bassman/JTM45 specs. The Blackface position has the familiar mid scoop and clarity. The Tweed position adds a bit of gain with an overall thicker tone. A push-pull bright switch on the treble pot adds chime, helps to bring old strings to life, and can be used to fine tune for single coil or humbucking pickups.                                                                                                                  And the most interesting new feature is the Bias Select switch allowing for choosing between fixed bias(like most blackface amps) and Cathode/ “Class A” bias(like many Gibson, Ampeg, Valco etc amps). Fixed bias has the familiar quick and clear blackface attack and headroom while the Cathode position adds smoothness, compression, a bit more gain, and about 30% less power.  These new features allow for the user to instantly mod the amp to their preference without touching a soldering iron or drilling any holes.             And as usual, you can order in any color tolex/tweed/grillcoth combination as well as choose your fave speaker or tube brand. Have it your way with your  Best Friend Forever/Black Face Fender style amp!


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