Sugar Baby

The first Sweet amp with cascading gain stages is here! First in the new “Sugar family” amp line is the Sugar Baby. Dial in just the right amount of breakup at just the right volume. Cleans up like a Fender amp and crunches like a Marshall. Great tones from bedroom volume to stage volume. 18W output from a pair of EL84 output tubes will keep up with a drummer and look good doing it. Grey sparkle tolex and white cane grill cloth set this one apart from clones, re-issues, and other boutique builds.

A real Blues Junior killer! Featuring an Eminence Cannabis Rex hemp cone speaker, Mercury Magnetics OT, full sized tube driven reverb tank, presence control, premium coupling caps, Switchcraft jacks and point to point wiring, there is nothing left to upgrade. Coming soon, the Sugar Mama. Similar to the Sugar Baby but with more power from a pair of EL34s and bigger trannies.


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