PreBS T5 8″ and 10″

A couple of new PreBS T5 builds are completed and available for sale now! A traditional 8″ version with Alligator Tolex and a custom Black 10″ version with a special Mercury Magnetics OT and 6V6/6L6 switch to maintain proper bias when switching tubes. The alligator build has a Guitar Speaker Warehouse 8″ ceramic which sounds very traditional with a soft early vintage sounding breakup. The Black Tolex one features an Eminence GA10-SC64 which is just so musical and vintage but with a better low end clarity and natural tone both clean and driven with distortion. Both amps feature our exclusive and newly improved 3-way gain switch which allows for some clean and bouncy headroom at the low setting and with the click of a switch goes from crunch to grind and screaming overdrive. The familiar tweed Champ tones are there and then some!

4/03/20 The Alligator T5 just got some custom upgrades for its new owner including grill cloth designed by Artist Donna Mibus and 10″ baffle and Eminence GA10-SC64 speaker!

The Black T5 is available now at Chicago Fret Works.  SOLD! 10/02/19

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