’63 Vibroverb Re-issue Rebuild

This Fender ’63 re-issue Vibroverb has been through a lot. As if the mass produced circuit board version wasn’t bad enough, someone attempted to gut and handwire a turret board into it. It wasnt the worst I’ve seen but it wasn’t correct for a vibroverb or vibrolux. It was Fenderish but wasn’t reliable or toneful. The owner decided to let me at it! Here is the result! A completely rewired and reworked 6G16 circuit complete with tube rectifier, period correct transformers from Mercury Magnetics, epoxy glass eyelete board, and tapped treble pots which act as tone pots below 5 on the dial rolling off highs for smoother rhythm and jazz tones. A negative feedback pot was installed as the icing on the cake but it may be a bigger part of the meal than expected. In this circuit, negative feedback does a lot and when you disconnect/partially disconnect with a pot or switch, it really opens the response and comes to life! It also has a big effect on vibrato depth which tends to be a bit shallow with bias modulated 6L6s.


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