Twenty Something

Something old and something new!

The Twenty Something is a 20W vintage toned pedal platform with unique and effective tone shaping options. It combines the best elements of tweed, brown, and black faced Fender circuits with a bit of vintage British tone via the selectable US/UK pre-amp switch. The US setting is the big warm full range clean until cranked familiar American voice and the UK setting gives it some British bite with tighter bass and a bit more drive. Next is the tone stack which is classic black-faced Fender with the era specific  brown-faced “tapped” treble pot which also functions as a tone pot when set lower than 12 O’clock. This allows for rolling off highs which can be usefull for jazz players or whenever a mellow and smooth tone is desired. A push-pull mid-boost on the bass pot can really push the power tubes into overdrive and the “harmonics” pot which is the familiar negative feedback control renamed and easy to access on the front panel fine tunes the edge and breakup point.  Last but not least, the “rectifier switch” allows you to select between  tube or solid state rectifiers to adjust the tightness/sag/touch sensitivity that fits your style. And all of this pure vintage tone is pushed to perfection through the 12″ Eminence GA-SC64 speaker! Many other speaker options are available if you have a specific preference for your Sweet amp.

This unique, modern, retro looking 20W 6V6 powered combo could be the perfect compliment to your pedal board and also sounds amazing plugged straight in for purists. It can cover blues, jazz, rock, country, funk and anything you can throw at it and the subtle but effective tone shaping switches allow you to “mod” it to your personal taste and style.*

*Grill cloth design(the inspiration for the entire project) by artist

Tube compliment:

1 12Ax7 pre-amp 1-12AT7 phase inverter 1-5Y3 rectifier 2-6V6 power tubes

A 40W 6L6 specific version is also also available!

20W 6V6 version-$1750  40W 6L6 version-$1875

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