JTM 45 Build Purple Head and Cab

This one off/prototype build request was for an offset Marshall JTM 45 style head and 2×12 half stack with a Marshall/blackface Fender hybrid circuit with master volume. The 4 jackĀ  normal/bright inputs was kept but adjusted for less extremes. The Sweetened version has two very usable channels independently or when blended via a jumper cable between inputs. Other customizations include a blackface style phase inverter circuit and full rangeĀ  negative feedback control instead of the traditional high frequency presence control as well as custom tone stack values for a more full range of adjustment rather than the focused midrangey voice of the original JTM circuit. A PPIV master volume completes the package giving the ability to adjust the gain from clean to crunch and beyond from bedroom to stage volumes. This sexy beast excels equally as a straight in tone machine or modern pedal platform! The control panel is labelled TLA 45 for the owners initials but it is affectionately known as “Grimace”.

This build turned out so good that it will be added to the Sweet product line! Any color is available but I think purple is definitely the coolest!

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