PreBS 15+ Natural Cherry

This latest build kept me busy while the Corona pandemic kept the Fret Works/Amp Works  shop closed. It is possibly the best sounding PreBS 15+ to date and is the first to feature a natural had rubbed finished cherry cab. It also has all of the options including Mercury Magnetics trannies for 6V6 or 6L6 power tubes(15-32W), push-pull bright and mid-boost pots, negative feedback pot, and easy access bias pot and test points on the rear panel. All of this handwired sweetness is pushed into a Mojotone BV-30H 12″ speaker for some legit British crunch when cranked! This amp will cover Americana, classic rock, blues, country, soul, surf, and more. Seriously, this amp rocks!

$1895 —SOLD!

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