PreBS T5 Skulls and more Skulls!

Two new PreBS T5 builds completed! Identical electronically except for transformers and speakers. The candy skull T5 has Mercury Magnetics trannies and the output tranny is a tweed ’53 Princeton spec which is slightly oversized and has a noticeable effect on output(one extra watt) and tone(killer). The paisley ghost skull T5 has standard Mojotone/Heybor trannies and both amps have blackface spec power transformers for slightly higher plate voltage, slightly less sag, and a noticeably tighter crunch when cranked! Also, both have the Sweet exclusive 3-way rotary gain switch for a more versatile Champ type build. Vintage and beyond!

Candy Skulls T5 — Sold!     Paisley Skull Ghosts — $865

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