PreBS 15+ Carolina Blue

A custom order PreBS 15+ with Carolina blue tolex and cane grillcloth. As always with the + models you can swap 6V6 for 6L6  power tubes for more power and headroom with the upgraded Mercury Magnetics trannies. I definitely prefer 6L6s, especially in a band situation and the GA-SC64 Eminence speaker is the icing on the cake! Simultaneously warm and clear with a distinctive vintage character at low to moderate volumes and glorious with rich harmonics and growl when pushed hard! The push-pull mid boost takes it into early Marshall territory with singing ringing feedback when cranked. Think early Angus Young and how he would let the note ring until it just started to feedback on a single note instead of noodling and shredding a million more notes.  From country to R&B, blues, surf, and classic rock, it’s in there. A Sweet tone machine!


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