PreBS 15 Rough Blonde w/ Oxblood

Just finished a custom ordered PreBS 15.  Mojotone/Heybor trannies, Deluxe Reverb OT, choke filtering, and Eminence GA-SC64 12″ speaker.  I’ll just let the owners words do the descriptions…

“I ran all of my guitars through it – Telecaster, Riviera, ES-175.  They all KILL through your amp.  At any volume level.  Tone, dynamics, and nearly silent at idle.  Notes just sing and sustain.  Very little in the way of dialing in tone.  Set it and forget it. Clear without icepick.  Warm, textured, dynamic.  Yeah, it kills.  The speaker kills.  In the short time I’ve had it, I’ve already played things that I’ve not played before.  That says it all.” -RY

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