PreBS 15+ Dark Red Cherry

Another Sweet collaboration with my dad who made the gorgeous red stained cherry cab. It’s got all the usual, Mercury trannies, push-pull bright and mid boost, negative feedback control, and like all + models, can use any 6V6 or 6L6 type power tubes to dial in the tone and power(18W-32W) needed for your gig or recording situation. All PreBS series amps now feature user adjustable bias on the rear panel to make swapping tubes easy and less expensive. Do it yourself and save $50 or more every time you change tubes!

*Every handmade hardwood cab is unique so if you like this one, don’t wait. There wont be another exactly like it!




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First Trade Show

Sweet Amplification attended our 1st trade show. The local Alchemy Audio hosted Gear Swap at Fort Knox rehearsal studios was a lot of fun and good practice for bigger events. Thanks to all who stopped by the table and to Pete Pena from Command Performance who shared the table so that we would each have some floor space!

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PreBS 15+ Wine/Vanilla

A new Sweet PreBS15+ build commissioned by my employer/owner of Chicago Fret Works/Amp Works is completed! All of the usual features like push-pull mid boost, push-pull bright switch, and negative feedback control plus Mercury Magnetics transformers for 6V6 or 6L6 power tubes, USER ADJUSTABLE BIAS, and PROGRESSIVE STANDBY/POWER SWITCH! It’s super cool when your boss believes in your product enough to buy and use one himself. Thanks Steve!


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PreBS T5 Solid Cherry w/10″ speaker

Another PreBS T5 collaboration with a custom cherrywood cab built by my dad. This one has a NOS 5V4G rectifier and an oversized 8 ohm Mercury Magnetics output transformer(many speaker choices) for 6L6 or EL34 power tube, and a 10″ Eminence Lil Buddy hemp cone speaker which compliments both clean and overdriven tones! As always, it features a 3-position gain switch for versatility and another super soft high quality handle from El Dorado. The undisputed King of Champs!


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PreBS T5 Cherry

A PreBS T5 in a solid cherry wood cab. The first Sweet hardwood cab available for purchase is on the showroom floor at Chicago Fret Works/Amp Works. Finished with clear nitrocellulose lacquer which will darken with age like a vintage Fender headstock.  Loaded with a Weber signature ceramic speaker for a nice tight response at lower levels and smooth distortion when pushed. Add to that my exclusive 3-way rotary gain switch and a premium quality El Dorado leather handle and you have the ultimate studio and collectors amp. A Champ for the ages!

$895  *(special offer until end of 2017)   $795!   SOLD!

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PreBS T5 Pair

I’m trying to build up an inventory of Sweet amps for demo purposes so here’s a couple of PreBS T5 combos to start things off. The alligator/cane combo features an 8″ Weber signature speaker and the Black w/Red Racing Stripe version has a 6″ Weber signature speaker. There will be a 10″ version too very soon for comparison demos. All PreBS T5s now feature my exclusive 3-way gain/character switch for a much more versatile and fun Champ style amp. Stop by Chicago Fret Works for a demo!

Both are SOLD!

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PreBS 15+15

Been wanting to try this for some time now. A PreBS 15+ with 15″ speaker. Turned out better than I imagined! The oversized Mercury Magnetics transformers combined with the larger cabinet and 15″ speaker is a perfect combination! More volume, more headroom, and more harmonic overtones when pushed, especially with the feedback knob cranked. It’s just hard to imagine a senario where this amp wouldn’t excell. Use 6V6(18W) or 6L6(36W) power tubes to dial it in for your particular volume and tone preferences. Right at home with blues, country, surf, jazz, rock, and ? Portable powerful perfect tone!


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PreBS T35 Tweed

The first PreBS T35 combo commisioned by local blues veteran, Nick Moss. based on the late 50′s 5E5A circuit tweed Pro, it sports a Mercury Magnetics “tone clone” output transformer, Weber alnico 15″ speaker, and Vitamin-T oil filled coupling caps. Traditional tone in a solid, hand wired, all new build. Ready for action!

Nick Moss (@nickmossblues) • Instagram photos and videos


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PreBS T5-6 Black on Black

A custom ordered black PreBS T5 with 6″ Weber speaker, 3-position gain/character switch, and NOS 5V4G rectifier. Ready for practice and recording!


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McK IIB Bass Head

The first Sweet bass amp is completed! This is a one off for a repeat customer and matches his brown western covered PreBS 20+. Built on a Marshall style chassis with a hand wired turret board and massive Mercury Magnetics transformers, this 130W head gets down. I mean juicy low frequncies that you can feel. Thanks Mike for getting the bass ball rolling! Next one will be bigger yet. You can never have too much headroom for bass!

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