PreBS T5-6 Black on Black

A custom ordered black PreBS T5 with 6″ Weber speaker, 3-position gain/character switch, and NOS 5V4G rectifier. Ready for practice and recording!


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McK IIB Bass Head

The first Sweet bass amp is completed! This is a one off for a repeat customer and matches his brown western covered PreBS 20+. Built on a Marshall style chassis with a hand wired turret board and massive Mercury Magnetics transformers, this 130W head gets down. I mean juicy low frequncies that you can feel. Thanks Mike for getting the bass ball rolling! Next one will be bigger yet. You can never have too much headroom for bass!

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PreBS 15 Black w/Silver Racing Stripe

Another PreBS 15 is completed. This time it’s wearing black with a silver stripe. It features a 12″ Mojotone BV-25M speaker, Mercury Magnetics output transformer, and push-pull mid boost. Of course, it has the usual bells and whistles as well; all tube point to point wiring, choke filtering, full sized reverb tank, pull- bright on the treble pot, and a negative feedback pot on the rear panel to dial in the right amount of break up and harmonic content.  18W output from a pair of Tung-Sol 6V6s make this the perfect bedroom, rehersal, studio, and giging combo!


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Wilco at Chicago Theater

Finally got to see Pat Sansone’s  Sweet Sansonic in action with Wilco. He’s using it for guitar and keyboards on the supporting tour of the Wilco Schmilco album. A nice pure guitar/amp contrast to Nels Cline’s lo-fi effect pedal noise guitar textures. A true proffessional and a pleasure to work with!

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PreBS 15+

The latest PreBS 15+ completed and out the door! Vintage on the outside but built for the ages.  A Blackface style combo with more…everything! 6V6 or 6L6 output tubes, 12″ Mojotone BV-30H 12″ speaker, push-pull bright, midboost, and feedback controls give this Princeton style amp traditional tones plus more versatility and the ability to keep up with a drummer in live situations.

As one of my recent clients put it, “this is all you need, man!”


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PreBS T6 Solid Cherry

Just fininshed this PreBS T6 collaboration with my dad. He built the cab from solid cherry wood and gave it a hand rubbed oil finish. Looks as good as the Shaker style furniture that he builds! It’s my version of a Tweed Princeton but with a 10″ speaker and a 3-way gain/character switch for a versatile little practice and recording rig.     SOLD!

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PreBS 15+ Cocoa Levant

Another PreBS 15+ completed, this time in cocoa levant tolex with cane grillcloth. It’s got oversized Mercury Magnetics transformers for 6V6 or 6L6 power tubes, push-pull bright and mid-boost, negative feedback control and a super clean neo Jensen Tornado(in disguise with alnico bell cover).


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PreBS T5 Brown Western

Another Sweet T5 build is completed! This time wearing brown western tolex and cane grill cloth. An 8″ Weber signature ceramic speaker makes this one roar! It is suprisingly loud and the new 3 position rotary gain switch gives this simple cicuit more versatility than your average Champ. Great for practice, recording and even small gigs or jam sessions.

A lot of bang for the buck!  Just $799    SOLD!

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Sugar Baby

The first Sweet amp with cascading gain stages is here! First in the new “Sugar family” amp line is the Sugar Baby. Dial in just the right amount of breakup at just the right volume. Cleans up like a Fender amp and crunches like a Marshall. Great tones from bedroom volume to stage volume. 18W output from a pair of EL84 output tubes will keep up with a drummer and look good doing it. Grey sparkle tolex and white cane grill cloth set this one apart from clones, re-issues, and other boutique builds.

A real Blues Junior killer! Featuring an Eminence Cannabis Rex hemp cone speaker, Mercury Magnetics OT, full sized tube driven reverb tank, presence control, premium coupling caps, Switchcraft jacks and point to point wiring, there is nothing left to upgrade. Coming soon, the Sugar Mama. Similar to the Sugar Baby but with more power from a pair of EL34s and bigger trannies.


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PreBS T5-6 Alligator

The latest PreBS T5-6 just shipped out to and will hopefully be used to demo his hand crafted guitars and repairs. This one features a 6″ Jensen alnico speaker, NOS 5V4G rectifier, Jupiter coupling caps, and a 3 position rotary gain switch for more versatile practice/recording tonal options. The alligator Tolex and cane grill cloth are extra classy to boot! My new favorite color combo! Happy birthday Brian!


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