PreBS 20+ Cherry cab

Fresh off the bench, this PreBS 20+ is extra Sweet with top of the line Mercury Magnetics trannies, solid cherry cab with dovetail joints and hand rubbed oil/urethane finish. This time around I went with a traditional 1×12 baffle featuring a hemp cone Eminence Cannabis Rex. Of course it also has all the bells and whistles too like push-pull bright and mid-boost pots and negative feedback control to dial in the amount and character of headroom/breakup. Equally at home in the studio or on stage. A Deluxe reverb style build and then some!

A pair of 6V6 or 6L6 power tubes put out from 20W -36W and a user adjustable bias pot on the rear panel makes tube changes simple and saves you $. The best inside and out!

Available for demo and purchase now! Stop by Chicago Fret Works for a test drive. Give me a call to set up a private demo with your guitar and pedals in the amp workshop where you can crank it up, compare to other Sweet amps, or even bring your current amp! Many custom options available. Choose your speaker, tubes, and have it dialed in for your preferences. That’s what handbuilt amps are all about, finding YOUR tone!


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